Crude Oil Q1 Technical Forecast: Navigating a Persistent Trading Range

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1/10/20242 min read

Crude Oil Q1 Technical Forecast: Navigating a Persistent Trading Range


As we step into 2024, the outlook for the crude oil market unfolds against the backdrop of a well-defined trading range that characterized the majority of 2023. The weekly chart reveals a robust band between $70 and $83 per barrel, dictating market dynamics throughout the year. Despite occasional breaches, particularly during the eight-week upside breakout from August to October, the range proved resilient, with swift retracements whenever broken.

Weekly Chart Analysis:

The weekly chart serves as a compass for understanding the oil market's stance, emphasizing the enduring nature of the $70 to $83 trading band. As we venture into 2024, there are indications that this range base, even if momentarily breached, is unlikely to be abandoned quickly. The historical patterns underscore the significance of this trading range, shaping market actions and responses.

Daily Chart Insights:

Delving deeper into the daily chart provides a nuanced perspective, highlighting the current price position between the fifth Fibonacci retracement level at $73.07 and the support level at $67.10, representing a complete retracement of the rise from the June 28 lows. While recent price movements suggest stabilization, the bulls entering 2024 face considerable challenges. The established downtrend channel since September 28 confines WTI, demanding a breakthrough above $74.50 for a meaningful trend reversal.

Market Dynamics and Recovery:

WTI has displayed resilience, rebounding effectively from oversold levels observed in early December. This relaxed market posture hints at potential room for further gains. However, despite this recovery, both technical and fundamental aspects align to suggest that crude oil is poised to enter 2024 above recent lows. Realizing new peaks from the previous year would require a substantial shift in market dynamics.


In navigating the crude oil market during Q1 2024, market participants should remain attuned to the persistent trading range between $70 and $83 per barrel. The technical indicators, complementing the fundamental landscape, underscore the resilience of this range. While stabilization and recovery from oversold levels are evident, challenging the peaks of the previous year demands a notable transformation in market dynamics. Traders and investors must exercise caution and vigilance in adapting to the evolving landscape of the crude oil market.